To The Trade – Commercial Upholstery

McGirt-Horton Library

We count among our clients, many of the most talented designers in the area. Even though we use an identifying label embroidered with the client’s name on most of our reupholstered pieces, we can easily omit this custom touch to maintain a bit of anonymity. We are well versed in working from architectural drawings and have accounts with many commercial fabric and vinyl providers to provide turn key work for commercial projects.


We also use vans which are not emblazoned with any logos or business names, so we are simply agents of the designer, not a vendor to the public. This enables the designer to protect their sources and hopefully impress the end client with work that is done through talented sources gathered through years of careful selection and not by Murphy’s Upholstery.


Honeycomb Seating

Venue on Elm

MIX Restaraunt