Legacy Chairs – Custom Embroidery


Do you wish to own and eventually pass down a piece of furniture that not only states your demand for the finest quality, but is emblazoned with your family’s creat or coat of arms?

The legacy chair series is our finest frames, our top quality leathers and Mohair and very high quality embroidery on a chair with nail head trim and spring down cushions all with 8 way hand tied springs and top notch upholstery.

We have incorporated into our Legacy chairs every degree of fine workmanship that we have learned over the 76 years that we have been in business. These fine furniture pieces are designed not only to give the buyer a fine furniture piece, but to last well into future generations. What a great way to be remembered by your descendants. Can you just imagine two over sized wingback chairs, one with wife’s families’ coat of arms and the other with the husband’s family crest proudly embroidered in full color on a field of Mohair.

We can also embroider (175, 000 stitches on many projects) your company’s logo on conference room chairs.



175,000 Stitches on Mohair

Walker Family Crest