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• How long do you keep my furniture?

Reupholstering with Murphy’s can normally be done in 2 weeks or less. Exceptions include ordering new cushions or sending the piece to a re-finisher for woodworking.

• Does Murphy’s pickup my furniture?

Murphy’s offers free pick up and free delivery on jobs where the labor portion will be $250 or more.

• Does Murphy’s Upholstery create new furniture?

Murphy’s can craft you a Legacy Chair to your specifications, with as much detail as you desire. The skilled craftsmen and seamstresses at Murphy’s Upholstery make custom installations such as banquettes and headboards; as well as ottomans to any size needed. Let Murphy’s Upholstery make that foot rest you’ve always needed a reality, custom made to your needs.

• What should I expect with reupholstering?

Depending on whether this is the first reupholster for your furniture or if it has been reupholstered many times, the end result will vary from the original look of the piece.  We do our best to mimic the original presentation and details but in some instances those details are not able to be replicated.  Should you have any specific needs for your furniture, please let us know when setting up the order.  We reserve the right to make alterations to the design as necessary to ensure a successful reupholstery job.

• Does Murphy’s Upholstery refinish antiques?

Murphy’s Upholstery does not re-finish; however, does have a list of talented individuals who can do everything from dipping the piece to hand rubbing your fine inlaid woods. After the wood is made beautiful again, we pick up the piece from the re-finisher and add the upholstery for you.